Life tastes better shared. Book authentic meals at local homes
  • Enjoy delicious meals with local, fresh and natural ingredients
  • Experience local culture and heritage
  • Get to know Caribbean people
How it works

You’re an established chef, a culinary school grad, or an enthusiastic home cook whose codfish cakes are legendary! Being a host is easy and a great way to earn money:

  • Register
  • Post your meal on Isle&Dine
  • Add menu, cost, date, time, duration, venue
  • Prepare your meal and entertain your lovely guests
  • Get paid

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Maybe you’re a tourist looking for authentic Caribbean meals with local people, or a foodie living in the Caribbean. It’s easy and fun to dine:

  • Search for and book your meal on Isle&Dine
  • Arrive at your host’s venue
  • Dine in a home restaurant, Caribbean-style
  • Enjoy a great meal and conversation
  • Make new friends!

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